Safe Returns            

When we print out posters for our customers to emboss their memories upon, we do so knowing that these images are going to be with them for a long time, perhaps even generations. This isn’t an implication that escapes us easily. No matter the stories we get to hear, it’s something that always amazes us, knowing all of these happenings are going on all around us every moment of the day that we aren’t aware of. When we have a customer walk through the door with their favorite memorable picture ready to be made into an everlasting memento, we have the pleasure and privilege to be a part of that.

I told you in the last blog about the young girl facing disability to got to have her Disney dream come true with an eternal capture of Prince Charming himself planting a kiss on her cheek, and some of the feedback from that post has been incredible. We have since been able to see more of these memories walk through our doors as it seems to have opened a flood of other local area families who face the same situation. I don’t know what it is about parents of children with disabilities, but they seem to have the most investment into every little memory that they manage to capture.

Now, don’t let me come across the wrong way and have people thinking that I’m saying that parents of children without issues don’t have the same level of pride in their children, but I find that it’s parents of a child with a disability who love to see their young ones experience the same things as all the other kids. There may be an expectation that they’re not going to be able to face the same memories as the other children, and therefore each precious memory is one that manages to get elevated to even greater heights because of it.

We have actually heard back from that family that I spoke of, and after assuring me that they didn’t mind having their story shared, even went so far as to thank us for doing so, as it managed to get out even more positivity into the world in the shape of their tale. It’s been an absolute blessing to work with these people, and to have all the kind words of encouragement come in from all over the country from families that have also been touched by this tale. We have been encouraged by the family in the previous post that they will keep us updated on the events that transpire from this point forward and it’s something we look forward to.

We encourage everyone, all parents and all families to make the most out of the time you have with any of your loved ones. No matter if fully capable, facing a disability or otherwise, no matter who these people are that are close to you, spend the time with them, get them to know your smile, and make sure that no matter where you take them, that you bring them home again safely.

Living The Ideal Image            

Throughout our time providing photography and now vacation portrait printing, we have had the opportunity to come across a number of stories that have touched both our hearts and minds over the years. Those who otherwise wouldn’t have the availability to do the things they love, or see the sights they’ve imagined, finally getting the opportunity to get out there and make that mental image come to life. We specifically remember hearing about this one family. Their story wasn’t all that different from most people. They went to work, they came home, and they tried to get by month to month along modest means. Their daughter though, suffered a disability, to which I won’t name in the interest of keeping anonymity, but suffice to say, it added some stresses to their lives as everything needed to be done with a modicum of foresight.

Their daughter had always wanted to go to Florida, specifically and of course for all little kids in the country, to Disneyland. In a sad turn of events, the grandmother of this little girl passed away, and having to go through the trials and tribulations of funerals, and losing a family member and such, it had its effect on her. Her parents had seen the weight of the situation resting on her shoulders, and knew that something had to be done to lift her spirits. Even though the family was of modest means, the inheritance from sadly losing their grandmother gave them the opportunity to finally take this trip they had always wanted to give their daughter.

They said that the look on her face was priceless when it was announced that they were in fact going to Disneyland, and the parents confided that it was a little difficult to keep eyes dry at her exuberant happiness. The pictures that they brought back showed a little girl who was having the time of their life, and one particular photo that they truly wanted to make the most of. As the resident Prince Charming character had leaned down to give her a kiss on her cheek, the parents managed to get a shot of the joy on her face as her dreams literally came true in front of their eyes.

Though she did suffer a disability, they stated that their daughter was impossible to keep up with, a whirlwind of excitement from one location to another. And that the memories of that day will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We printed a large poster sized print of the Prince Charming kiss and had it framed for the parents. They have called to say that they needed more prints ordered due to everyone in their family wanting a copy of it for themselves. Just another in the long line of amazing stories we get to hear about as memories trapped in time come to our location to be printed and shared forever. We hope you enjoyed listening to the story as much as we did.

Capture The Moment

Making our transition from doing simple photography to specializing in capturing travel memories has been a long and arduous one. You would think it would just be a matter of saying “we’re going to do this now instead”, but in changing some of our branding, or equipment and otherwise, has proven to be quite the investment. In the end though, we have to say it’s all worth it. Through my years in doing photography work, I have found that in today’s digital age, the main keepsakes that people seem to be focusing on are those that don’t happen every day, and for most of us, it’s not every day that we get a vacation.

I know to some reading, you may be wondering why we decided to go with a blog rather than a standard website design, and the reason is, we wanted to give a more personable approach to what we do. It’s never been about simply selling a business offering, because when it comes to memories of this magnitude, it’s always been about the stories attached to them. And when we share our information, we find it’s also about the stories. About how we first got into the business, about how we changed our direction, and about how we move forward from that particular moment to where we are now and beyond.

Our photography business is one that has gone through many transformations, and from the inception to our current standing, it has been nothing short of an adventure from moment to moment. To go from pointing and shooting to printing out memories that will last on the walls of peoples homes for generations has had its twist and turns, and yet we have enjoyed every moment of it. Just as I’m sure that each customer who comes in with their own story to tell has had their share of diversions and changes to the plan to wind up where they are.

One of our favorite moments is when the customer comes in with that favorite photograph and begins just rambling off about the story attached to it without even realizing what they’re doing. They always seem so apologetic in the aftermath, yet we can’t stress enough how wonderful it is to hear just a myriad of stories. We have been privy to information regarding trips to tropical destinations, historic landmarks, and much more, and each one has had it’s own tale attached to it.

This blog is simply to share some stories, perhaps ones of our own, and some of our clientele, without breaching any trust in information sharing of course. But simply to bring more people into these tales, and to allow them to experience them through their own lens on the world, and perhaps to take their own mental journey as they imagine the scene, the events and more unfolding before them as they read on the screen. We welcome you to stop by as much as you’d like, to take an adventure of your own in the moments of others.yay-21531196-digital